Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's interesting to see how a video you posted can lead its own life on the internet. The animation Go South Africa! which I've made with director Robbert-Jan Vos became a mild viral success. And the IKEA casefilm I've uploaded a few weeks ago now got around 12.000 hits on YouTube. Which is quite exceptional for a film with commercial intention.

Of course I took the necessary steps to promote this film at all sorts of websites. But from there it started to spread in all sorts of ways. Out of control. People put it on their blogs, write comments, tweet and retweet it and subscribe on your YouTube channel (on which I rarely upload new things). I even got e-mails about the film.

It's also funny how people shamelessly copy the text of an article from a famous blog. One blogger even misinterpreted the casefilm, thinking that the campaign was only online. As if such a big and costly project would actually pay off if you only put it on the internet. That doesn't make a lot of sense! Nevertheless, a lot of bloggers mindlessly copy-pasted his incorrect article. It seems that a lot of bloggers lack imagination and can't find two minutes to write their own text.

Anyway, every publicity is good publicity. So I'm happy that it's posted through so much. So keep on going, copycats. Push that YouTube-meter to 20.000!

UPDATE: the film already has over 25.000 hits.


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