Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Go go go!

As soon as my animation movie about South Africa (see the post before my last one) was released, I was really curious how people will react on it. How will the media, the blogs, the visitors of YouTube and Vimeo pick it up? Well, I haven't been disappointed, to say the least. This commercial has had a bigger viral effect of all my commercials combined.

On YouTube I'm still waiting for the film to pass the 1000 hits. On Vimeo, on the other hand, there are already 42.000 hits! Not bad for the first two weeks. And then I started to wonder how this sudden rush could happen. What was the spark that made the video flaming hot? It's hard to tell for sure, but after some investigation I saw that the film was mentioned on some forum on the website. Which lead the film to become a staff pick, so it's on the main page for one day. Which lead to an incredible rise in hits. And after that it was mentioned on blogs and forums all over the world, which put the train of hits in full throttle.

Above that, the video got a 7,4 rating on Ads of the World. Now an animation that's crafted this well (thanks to Renske) can always count on sympathy of the sceptic viewers, but a 7,4 is exceptionally high. It was tough to complete this big project, but I'm glad to say the hard work pays off.


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