Thursday, December 01, 2011

Goodbye Lemz

Me toasting with creative director Remco

It's kind of a tradition for creatives on their last day to take all sorts of useful stuff from the agency: yearbooks that were lying around anyway, a tape dispenser, pens, USB-sticks, markers, an award that you won but nobody would find out if it were missing, marker. It's the last chance to take stuff in a way that doesn't really look like stealing. But because I have to put all my possesions in moving boxes that will go to Hamburg at the end of December, I didn't really feel the need to have any more stuff.

Wednesday it was my last day and I got the best two goodbye gifts ever. In the afternoon we heard that Lemz won 4 Epica awards and the IKEA 365 campaign was good for silver. This epic amount of Epica's put Lemz on the second place of Holland at that festival (Wieden & Kennedy was first). And in the evening, we heard that IKEA 365 won another silver, this time at the Eurobest festival. Finally recognition for a campaign that cost us blood, sweat and tears (and I mean that literally).

These last days I realized even more than I already did that I'm leaving a great agency with wonderful people. But this can't make me regret my decision. It only confirms me that I got the most out of my time at Lemz. My decision to go to Jung von Matt was not a rational one. I have the feeling that I should be there. I follow my heart, and somehow it leads me back to Hamburg.


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ja en wij volgen je gewoon

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