Monday, September 19, 2011


Great video by Remi Gaillard

It seems that very popular destinations nowadays are Indonesia, Thailand or Ibiza. Now I've never been to any of these destinations, but I don't think those would be vacations for me. I'd rather scatter my vacation days and go for long weekends to interesting cities and enjoy the nightlife. I like to mee the people like they are for real. Not the people who are polite because you're a tourist with money.

And because I know a lot of people from the Miami Ad School, I have quite a good network with people from abroad where I can stay. This weekend I went to Warschau, Poland to meet my former teampartner Yigit. The last time I've seeen Yigit was three years ago when I said goodbye to him in Cinema Nova Brussels.

This weekend it was as if nothing had changed (except for the location of course, which was Warschau instead of Brussels so it's a big improvement). We went partying like we always did and came home at 7.30 in the morning on both Friday and Saturday. Being in a city where you don't understand one single word of what people are saying, was kind of strange to me. But it was also very interesting.

And the drinking culture that everybody thinks that Polish people have,'s completely true. On Friday, before we went to all sorts of clubs, we passed a bar that I could only describe as the 'MacDonalds of alcohol'. It was a round bar at a corner, full of people. And it was totally stuffed with people who ordered drinks. There was nothing else to do there. No dancing, no talking, just ordering your wodka or beer and drink it.

As if Warschau wasn't interesting enough already, Yigit told me about an incredible amount of movies, bands and DJ's that I certainly need to check. One of the things he told me about was a French guy called Remi Gaillard, who does all sorts of Jackass stuff and puts it on the internet (see the funny video above). It was a rich, inspiring, but exhausting weekend. Relaxing vacations on the beach are not for me I guess.


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Myślę, że będziesz czuć się miło czas miałem

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