Thursday, August 18, 2011


In every profession you have to make choices. Are you going to make more money, but make less good work or would you rather invest in an agency where you can be totally creative? How much of your spare time are you going to sacrifice for your career? What if your ambition affects your health?

The best is to find a satisfying balance. Since I've been working at Lemz, almost 1,5 years ago, things have been quite easy going compared to Duval Guillaume. I can go home quite early, I don't have to work over a lot and there's not a lot of pressure. And I have nothing to complain with regards to the work I'm making. Lately, things aren't going like I want to (difficult briefs, clients who are fucking things up. Well, all creatives have to plough through the bad times). But overall, things are going in the right direction. And I can even have a private life. Every Monday I'm going to the Nieuwe Anita to watch a cult movie. If a friend calls me to have a drink, most of the time it's possible. And because I don't have to commute, I have more time to sleep in the morning. I didn't really have a lot of vacation since I work at Lemz, because a normal working week feels like vacation to me.

Still, I was a bit exhausted the last few weeks. It's been exactly more than 2 years ago since I took more than one week off. And very slowly I start to notice that. Today, my 2,5 weeks of vacation officially started. And I'm going to start my vacation at the Lowlands festival, where one of the artists is the electronica emperor Aphex Twin. After this blasting start, I will just spend two weeks in Amsterdam. I love my work, but it can't hurt to forget about work for a few weeks.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

en dan gaan we naar lowlands ...ieder geval jij word nog wakker daar en ik ben fris en fruitig

11:44 am  
Anonymous Mentizid said...

I found out, that vacations can be a great thing!

10:07 pm  

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