Sunday, June 05, 2011


In my advertising career I've won one ADCN lamp, the most important award of the Art Directors Club Netherlands. But I think I will never win one again. I might win another Cannes Lion, but not a lamp. Simply because the work that is nominated and awarded is not the kind of work that I like to make. It's very Dutch and the focus is mostly on television commercials. It's not that there are no innovative work is made in Holland, but I feel that the ADCN doesn't motivate innovative ideas.

This is different about the Belgian art directors club, the Creative Club Belgium. I had two nominations there, but unfortunately I didn't win. But when I saw the results of the CCB-awards, I was amazed by the richness of the awarded campaigns. Almost all the work is in a casefilm, and that says enough about the type of work. Click here to see the winners.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

voor mij ben jij ook een winnaar hoor

7:49 pm  
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