Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One off

Before the weekend I was talking with my colleague Matthijs how nice it would be to get a small assigment to make a one-off for a change. Monday Luiz and I came to work and we immediately got a briefing to make one ad. No integrated, innovative, elaborated, complicated campaigns for a change. Just a heading for an ad that will appear next week in all the big newspapers.

We just had one day to make it, but in every assigment there's a chance. So we did our very best. After writing about a hundred headlines, our CD's chose four of them to present to the client. Today the client chose an idea and I had to make a few changes in the bodycopy. This ad won't be portfolio work, but it's a nice ad that works very well. Just a regular job. That doesn't take months to execute. Nice for a change. Now back to developing this meaningful, cross-branded, cross-media campaign that was approved yesterday.


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en toen daarna naar alkmaar

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