Friday, April 01, 2011

One year

More than a year ago I had a job interview at Lemz. I told that if I could only make two big cross media campaigns in a year, I'd already be happy. Today, I'm exactly working one year at Lemz.

Starting at a new advertising agency is always like taking a big dive into the deep. You never know if it works out with the creative directors and your new colleagues, if your style fits with the rest of the agency (or with the clients), if you manage to get your next contract, if you're happy with the briefings you get. I know a lot of people who started full of enthusiasm at a new agency and ran away screaming after only a few months. It's hard to find an agency that really fits you. Especially if you're a creative who doesn't want to do concessions.

I followed my gut feeling when choosing an agency. And I only tried at agencies which I felt were right for me at that moment. After one year I can already say that I've made the right decision to go to Lemz. I did make the two cross media campaigns that I wanted. And I still have fun going to my work every day. And the greatest thing this year was winning the IKEA pitch, which is one of my biggest acthievements ever. It wasn't always easy, but it's never always easy. And if you do something you believe in and truly give 100%, you can never go wrong.


Blogger DUN-DREE said...

Hi Robin, happy to hear you are happy @ Lemz.
We were equally happy when you were with Duval Guillaume. Your work was a great contribution to the success of our agency is those years.
Wishing you best of success,
André R. Duval

3:21 pm  
Anonymous 5tarvin said...

nou steek die maar in je zak

6:45 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

@ André: that's great to hear. I'm very glad I went to DGB after the Miami Ad School and I had a great time there. Lots of success to you as well.


12:17 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Hey Robin!

Just got sent the Ikea 365 project and recognised the name - glad to hear things are kicking off!

I've been busy too, but I no longer work with Phil, feel free to check it out //

1:35 pm  

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