Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It's a wrap

Another boring evening on Saturday, when I couldn't go out and when I drank half a bottle of wine while watching a movie. Another Sunday getting up at 6.00 on Sunday and go by car to IKEA at the other side of the country. Another exhausting day of shooting commercials for 12 hours in a row. Once again sleeping in the car on the way back.

And once again on Monday we managed to finish the offline edit of 14 commercials. An amount that any creative is happy to make in one year. The total amount of TV-commercials for IKEA has now exceeded 200. Although it's tough to make so many commercials, I was happy to do it. And for once I felt a bit sad when the director shouted 'It's a wrap!' Because this was the last shooting I have for IKEA. This week I already started working on other clients and although it feels good to do something else again, it's difficult to let go of this wonderful campaign that we started almost a year ago. I guess letting go is the start of going further.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

200 is een hele prestatie man ..
gefeliciteerd en het team natuurlijk

5:45 pm  

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