Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Case study IKEA 365 campaign

Case study film for the IKEA 365 campaign

The case study film for IKEA is finally finished. Thanks to the help of my advertising friends abroad, postproduction agency ShoSho, my colleagues and last but not least the limitless perfectionism of my art-director Luiz Risi we've managed to make a film that truly reflects how huge this beautiful campaign is.

Work like this is so unorthodox, that it was hard to find a category at festivals. There isn't really a perfect category yet, so it's hard to say if this stands a chance in Cannes. But whatever happens at the festivals: I'm more than delighted to give this campaign a permanent place in my portfolio.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

ziet er vet gaaf uit dibbes

mag je trots opzijn


8:37 pm  
Anonymous Sander said...

Mooie invalshoek in je case study. Mooi grafisch in beeld gebracht in de multishot modus, die blijft uitdijen. Erg leuk om vakinhoudelijke info te horen dat het zwaartepunt verlegt wordt naar de case study zèlf! Deze campagne zul je je hele leven als referentiepunt blijven gebruiken! Mooi werk.

2:15 pm  

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