Thursday, March 24, 2011

Case study craze

Cannes is coming closer. So all the creatives in the privilege of having made a big campaign, now have to sweat on a brilliant case study film. Making such a film has become an art in itself. It used to be sufficient just to mention what you did and which media you used, but nowadays your case study needs to be advertising in itself. Advertising to convince the jury at advertising festivals to buy your idea.

Case studies are the pro active campaigns of the cross media agencies. At the more traditional agencies, the creatives are motivated to make a good print-ad or commercial for a small client. At agencies like Lemz, you're motivated to make the most out of your case study film.

I can't escape the case study craze this year. I've made my biggest campaign ever and I seriously doubt that I'll ever make a campaign as big as this one. So Luiz and I gave the case study for our IKEA-campaign extra attention. How to show a campaign in which you send out a new TV-commercial every day? It's almost the start of a briefing.


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