Thursday, March 17, 2011

200 commercials

A special performance at cinema De Uitkijk

Daniel, Wendy and I at the big screen

It's cinema week this week. Sunday at the 301, Monday at the Nieuwe Anita and today I saw a special performance at cinema De Uitkijk: we celebrated the 200th IKEA commercial by playing all the commercials so far on a big screen. Everybody who had anything to do with the production was there. So people from IKEA, Lemz and Cake were in the audience.

I thought that 200 TV-commercials would bore me to death. But it was actually really cool to see all the work combined. Sure there were some bad commercials -it's inevitable when you make so many films- but there were enough good, funny and interesting commercials to make this screening worthwhile. Furthermore, it was an ode to one the most sensational campaign I've ever made.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

wel heel gaaf dat je het gemaakt man
gefeliciteerd jullie allemaal

11:44 am  

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