Friday, February 18, 2011


My former country of residence Belgium finally broke a world record. Since yesterday they have the doubtful honour to be the country that has been unable to form a government for the longest time. With 249 days they broke the record of Iraq. The chosen political parties just can't seem to agree on each other.

I guess it's difficult to find somebody with whom you're able to work with. This last half a year, when I was looking for a new art-director, this became very clear. I've had a lot of interesting conversations with good creatives. But somehow it was difficult to make a decision. A junior creative can usually find a lot of people willing to start at a good agency. And the agencies are often willing to give it a chance. But as a senior, the stakes are higher. You have to deal with a lot of agency politics in order to justify your new (and often expensive) teampartner.

So these last few months I've been thinking. An excellent art-director was already walking around in the agency: my former teampartner Luiz Risi (click on his name to see his portfolio). From our work, experience, awards and international mindset we are a perfect match. Futhermore, his art-direction is so good that he turns any idea into gold. After a few talks we decided to work together again. The consequence of this is that I will be taken off this wonderful project for IKEA. So now we're going to work on different and new clients again. Well, it's just like with stopping alcohol for a month: sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone and do something completely different.


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maar een biertje op ze tijd is toch eigenlijk best lekker

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