Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Public transport, public insult

I'm not the one to complain very easily, but I've totally had it with the GVB, the public transport company in Amsterdam. Why? Because their employees are a bunch of ignorant cunts. Every day I take the tram from my house to the central station, where I take the boat. And on numerous occasions their drivers didn't stop, closed the doors too early when the tram in not even full, refuse to open the door or take long coffee breaks before they continue their shift.

Today I was at the Westermarkt and one of the trams drove past without stopping, leaving all the waiting people in the cold. In an impulse I decided to run to the Dam, where the next stop was to have a little talk with the driver. After almost crashing into numerous tourists along the way, I arrived totally out of breath at the tram stop. And the driver opened. So I asked him why in the hell he drove through, while there were clearly people waiting. He answered that he did stop. I replied that he didn't cause I was standing there and that I ran to the next stop to ask for an explanation. He simply answered that at least I catched the tram now and that was that. I was too exhausted to start shouting at him so I gave up and retreated to one of the passenger seats.

Should I give up? Should I just accept the fact that their personnel gives shit for service? If I write a letter to the GVB, it will only trigger their PR-machine to justify the behaviour of their horrible employees. They're so bad that they're an insult to the clients. I sincerely think of hacking their chipcard because a service like this is not worth the shitload of money I pay for the public transport now.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

ik ga vandaag naar amsterdam
dus dan moet jij hem maar even aanwijzen
zodoen we dat

10:32 am  

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