Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good movies and bad cappuccino

I was never a big fan of Brussels. Once I lived there for 2,5 months and the best thing about that city (besides Duval Guillaume) is that there's a train going directly to Amsterdam. And now I'm here for a weekend. And I'm completely sober because of my non-alcohol month. Seems like a perfect combination for self-torture.

But so far I've pretty much managed to enjoy myself. Yes I'm still annoyed by the dirty streets, the filthy beggars that are on them and the incredibly stupid people who drive by and make sure everybody hears their stupid music; but if you know where to go in Brussels, you'll find little islands of cool spots scattered throughout the city.

Yesterday I went to the Cinema Nova, which is one of the best cult-cinema's I know. There I've seen a very corny but amusing German science-fiction classic called Im Staub der Sterne, which was part of the off-screen film festival. During the day I went to a lot of bookstores, and I tried to find a place with a good cappuccino. But I've given up on the latter. Even in bars that look like expert coffee bars, they still think a cappuccino is a coffee with whipped cream. But that's okay. I don't let a minor inconvenience like that spoil my good mood anymore.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

je klinkt een beetje down kan beter weer gaan drinken en als je in alkmaar kom ...dan laat ik je een goeie cappa proeven
want ja ...wij hebben het wel

10:15 am  

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