Friday, February 04, 2011

Casefilm Nickelodeon Slime your Class

The casefilm for my first project at Lemz: Slime your Class

At Lemz there's a strict PR-policy, which means you have to justify every piece of work that you want to put online or in magazines. They don't want to be in the media with separate pieces of work, no matter how good they are. Casefilms that explain the entire cross media campaign however, are accepted. I've had some difficulties with this policy, because if you don't praise single ads, you don't motivate people to perfectionize every single part of a campaign. On the other hand, you do maintain a single minded message about what the agency stands for.

So now, almost a year after my employment at Lemz, I can finally show my first project. It's a ludicrous cross media campaign that I've made for Nickelodeon. When I applied for a job here, I told everybody that I'd already be satisfied if at the end of year I'd have two casefilms. Well, this is one of them, the other one (for IKEA) is coming soon.


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