Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas, fuck the world

A song about not changing the world (in German).

This week I finally took a week off. I haven't had a week off since the end of the IKEA pitch (and I really needed that week) so it's great. No alarm clocks, no obligations and no deadlines. Just a week of sleeping too much, partying too much and doing too few.

It's the week before Christmas. And all of a sudden you hear songs about how we should change the world for the better. And all of a sudden people are giving donations to charity. And family members who can't stand each other during the year all of a sudden come together and restrain themselves from smashing each others head in during the annual family meal.

How lovely it is, when you hear a song that says the total opposite. Because I have nothing to do this week, I looked on YouTube and found this great politically incorrect song from German rappers Icke & Er. It's in German, but the translation of the song is 'I'm not going to save the world'. It's not considered very decent if you don't give a fuck about the world, especially during Christmas. But to make a song about this subject is just hilarious.


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