Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Me too advertising

What? Another flashmob for T-mobile?

Funny how you can always spot certain trends in advertising. The trends usually start with a great idea, and everybody trying to copy this great idea because they think they can win an award as well. Miami Ad School graduate and my former coach Menno Kluin set a trend with a 3D typography campaign, many more 3D typo ads followed. In Holland the funny Albert Heijn commercials are now cloned by other supermarkets. New technology can also start a trend: last year it was augmented reality, this year it's raining chatroulette campaigns and projections on buildings-campaigns.

And then there's the flashmob advertising. This hype started with the famous T-mobile dance, and many many more me too-campaigns followed. Eager advertisers and agencies who tried desperately to get a piece of the success with their own half ass-version of the flashmob. Nobody really succeeded. And then Saatchi London comes with...another flasmob for T-mobile. At first I thought: oh no guys, don't even bother. But I was surprised when I saw it. It's executed so good, produced with such love for details, that they get away with it. It's still not as good as the first one, but to get more than a million hits in three days, that's a big accomplishment already. Once again, this is a proof that good execution is just as important as a good idea.


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