Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Go go go!

How ironic. Sometimes you make an ad especially to win awards and then it doesn't win anything. And sometimes you make something because you believe in it or just for the heck of making something cool, and then it wins awards. The animation 'Go South Africa' is a clear case of that. Before I even knew I'd go to Holland, the director Robbert-Jan Vos asked me to help him writing the script and I decided to help him out. Because it was a fun project. Because I can't stand a script full of spelling mistakes. Because I got caught in Robbert-Jan's contagious enthusiasm.

No matter why I decided to participate, in the end I was happy to have a beautiful animation movie in my portfolio. Especially one with such an appealing message. But now the short movie is nominated for two film festivals that I never knew existed. First nomination is for the Holland Animation Film Festival and the other one is for the Viral Video Award 2010. At first I thought the last one was some bogus award invented by a geeky blogger, but it's actually part of the International Short Film Festival Berlin. And it will be shown on a big screen. Sometimes doing something you believe in is enough to get the ball rolling.


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