Sunday, October 17, 2010


When Gert-Jan Kuijvenhoven, Roel Pijnacker and Wietse Vonk left Belgium to go back to Holland, I thought the 'exodus' of talented Dutch creatives to Belgium has reversed. But soon another talented young team is going to that little country south from the Netherlands. Gijs Sluijters and Joris Tol are going to work at Famous Brussels.

I think any young creative team should at least work abroad once. To work abroad, even if it's as close as Belgium, forces you to think in such a different way that you can only get better. After all00, you're considered more unique when you work abroad and when you come back you're more unique because you've worked abroad. And all the Dutch creatives I know who worked in Belgium (myself included) somehow came back with a better porfolio and more awards than ever. Gijs and Joris are full of great ideas and the plan to go to Belgium is probably one of their best ones.


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