Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanted: art-director

After half a year of succesful working with my art-director Luiz Risi, the teamwork has come to an end. This time it has little to do with the quality of the teamwork, but rather with the simple fact that the IKEA account is too Dutch. I love working with foreign talents and especially with a Brazillian art-director with a list of awards that covers at least half of his resume. But a Dutch shooting is just too difficult for somebody who doesn't speak Dutch. And considering we're shooting commercials with the speed of a machine gun, there was no other option then to split up.

Luckily, Luiz will stay at Lemz. So he'll keep on surprising us with awesome artwork. He's just not working for IKEA anymore. But this means I'm going to look for a new art-director. And this time he or she needs to be Dutch (or Flemish of course). Preferably with a lot of experience with television and with award winning work. In the meantime I have dozens of new scripts to write. This time without an art-director who can warn me for the most awful ideas that spawn from my mind. But I have a special technique to cover up for that. It's called: write so many scripts that it's statistically impossible to make something bad. Always works.


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