Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Slime your class

The TV commercial for Nickelodeon

It looks like the campaigns are rolling off a conveyor belt now, but my latest campaign was actually my first assigment at Lemz. Which means that this competition for Nickelodeon took me almost half a year to make. In the Slime Your Class-campaign you can win getting slimed with your entire class on TV. Besides a TV-commercial, there's a print ad, an ambient campaign and a special promotional website.

This Slime-thing has a history with Nickelodeon. In the U.S. celebrities already get 'slimed' during the Kid's choice award. The winner gets slimed, so (believe it or not) it's actually an honour to be covered with the icky green substance.

In Holland the sliming is not very known yet. But that will change very soon. Until now, almost 2500 classes and more than 20.000 students have uploaded their class on the special page on Hyves (which is the Dutch version of Facebook). Here you can place your profile picture in a class picture. Afterwards you can see a moving version of that class in the gallery. If you have a Hyves account, you can see the site here.


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