Sunday, September 05, 2010

Raving and shooting

Big costume party at Valtifest

"I wonder when I'm adult enough to stop enjoying this music", I was thinking while I was looking at Aux Raus, a 170 BPM hardcore electro-punk band where you're very likely to get beer or crowdsurfing people on your head. I guess I was born to love chaos and noise. This Saturday I went to Valtifest, a festival where they celebrate the end of the festival season with a big blast.

The fun part about Valtifest is that there is a dresscode. This year the dresscode was: religion. I've never seen so many priests, nuns, jewish, muslims, greek gods, roman gods, angels, devils and jesusses dancing and partying together. Dressing up for parties seems to be back. Even the gothic parties, where the dresscode is quite eccentric and dark, seems to gain popularity.

Trend or no trend, I just had a great day with nothing but good craziness. And I was back in time to get some necessary sleep. Because today I got up at 5 o'clock to go to a shooting for IKEA. I'm usually home around that time on Sunday morning but this morning I was in a taxi on my way to my colleagues. And after a long day, the second half of the commercials for the month September is finished. What a beautiful mix of partying and working this weekend was. Need sleep.


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