Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Launch of the IKEA campaign

The very first IKEA commercial (in Dutch)

Today is the start of my new IKEA campaign. The first commercial is broadcasted and many more will follow. Every day there's going to be a new commercial. For the English speakers: in the commercial above the girl says she wants something new. On which the employee replies: "Oh you're lucky, because this here is new, this is new and me, I am new as well". This is to promote the 1000 new products of IKEA.

If you have comments on this commercial, let me know. I'm continuously working on new scripts. In fact, I'm writing new scripts for October already. And, just like IKEA, I'm constantly trying to improve the quality of my work. Every day different, every day better.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

die heb ik gister gezien
hahahaha mannetje

super vet ouwe ..gefeliciteerd

9:13 pm  

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