Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A familiar face

Monday I came from the ferry (yes I go to work by a boat, how Dutch can it get?). At the platform I was flabbergasted to see a former schoolmate of mine: Dirk Geleijsteen. He's the third dutchman who graduated at the Miami Ad School Europe (I am number 4). It was surprising because I thought he still worked at Jung von Matt in Germany. We couldn't talk for a long time because his boat was leaving, but it was a nice but short meeting and Dirk is apparently working for a coffee store now. He's never ceases to surprise me with his creative career switches.

And yesterday I also met Celeste, another Dutch MASE-graduate (number 6). She visited the school when I was in my last quarter and for the rest I saw her at a few quarter ending parties in Hamburg. All MASE-graduates have a lot in common so one hour was way too short. In between sipping glasses of red wine she told me she's working in a brand new agency called Screw the line. Never heard of it, but what a great name for an agency.


Blogger Makavetis said...

Hi, you have an excellent blog! I just started my own Art blog and noticed you liked art as well, maybe you can check it out =)
Thank you

11:04 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Ah, the blog from Makavetis is not an art-directors blog, but a blog about art. It's interesting though:

11:29 am  

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