Sunday, August 22, 2010


Isn't it ironic? I went to Lemz because I wanted to make different work than traditional agencies and now I'm making more films than ever before. Not that it bothers me in any way, because the commercials that will come out soon are far from traditional. On Friday I shot a commercial with 25 children on it and today I shot a total of 14 commercials for IKEA in one day. And on Wednesday we'll have the final presentation of a 2 minute animation film (yes, another one).

There are so many projects running at the same time, that me and my teampartner need to split up so we can attend two different edits at the same time. It's a pity that I cannot be everywhere at the same time, but at least I'm not bored. Right now I'm just very sleepy so I'm going to get a good rest before my working week officially starts.


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