Monday, August 30, 2010

New IKEA campaign

The news video about the new IKEA campaign

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there's no hope for it. This quote of none other than Albert Einstein, applies totally to the new IKEA campaign that I've made at Lemz. To show the versatility of IKEA, we're going to broadcast a new TV-commercial every day. So that means 365 commercials a year!

To make such an amount of TV-commercials sounds absurd. But we knew from the start that, in order to win a huge pitch like this, we had to create a tornado instead of a nice summer's breeze. In fact, the idea sounded so absurd that everybody in Lemz thought: yes, it's risky, but what if it is possible... From then we never let go of the idea anymore.

And then we started trying out if we can really do it. Teamwork was essential here. From the very first beginning, we worked with production company Cake to see if a project like this was possible within the limits of time, technique and budget. Hundreds of scripts and a few test video's later, proved that it was possible. But the real test came on the actual shooting, where we had to run through the IKEA store to make 14 commercials in just one day.

This Wednesday, the first IKEA commercial will be aired. And, of course, many many many more will follow.


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