Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why it can take a week to write one post

The wonder of Photoshop: Marton, me and the film Lion

So, I got this really cool picture from my former teampartner Marton Jedlicska. Where he photoshopped the bronze film lion in between our pictures. Because he's in San Fransisco and I am in Amsterdam, the chance that we'll ever hold this particular lion (which is still in Cannes) together is close to zero. So this is a nice substitute to celebrate our successful teamwork.

I like the picture, so I wanted to show it at the top of my post. But then I had to write something about it. At first I thought about writing about the making of the winning commercial. But during the writing I thought: I'm repeating myself, I've written this before. Besides, this blog is to describe what's happening now. What happened before is old news. Right now I'm very busy working on TV scripts for this great client IKEA. And my girlfriend came over from Antwerp to stay in Amsterdam for a few weeks. And there's a very experienced freelance copywriter whom I'm working with and from whom I learn a lot. Enough to write about.

And because all these subjects have no relevance with Marton's Photoshop collage, I left it out. But then nobody would know how it took me more than a week to make a new post. So I explain it. And because readers have no clue what the picture looks like, I put it back again. And yes, this whole process took me an entire week. Conclusion: a vacation would be nice.


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and this weekend ALMAARRRRRRRrrrrr

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