Thursday, July 15, 2010


When I was a junior copywriter, working at McCann in Amstelveen, one of the creatives already told me that about 50% of the work that goes to a presentation ends up in the trashbin. I think that was even quite optimistic. In advertising you do a lot of work for nothing.

Or so it seems. Cause if you think about that in advance, it's not very motivating. And the thought of not producing the ideas you make might end up in a self fulfilling prophecy. The only way to motivate yourself to keep on producing new ideas, to keep on making mistakes, to keep on passionately making presentations, is the fact that at least afterwards you can say: no matter what happens, I gave it all.

We've had another one of those weeks with an endless workload. Now it's finally over and the concept is presented. Was it worth all the effort, endless discussions and sleepless nights? Definitely. Because regardless of whether the client takes the idea or not, we learned one thing: that by working together you can push yourself to such limits that the outcome is nothing less than brilliant. No matter what happens, we gave it all.


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