Thursday, June 17, 2010

Success is relative

Last weekend I was very anxious to see electro/hip-hop singer Uffie in Amsterdam. The concert was a total disappointment. Her mild performance couldn't excite the audience and as a reaction she scorned the audience for not dancing hard enough. At no point I had the impression that she's with the popular Ed Banger label, an underground-electro label founded by the former manager of Daft Punk. Maybe my expectations were just too high.

Success in the past is no guarantee that you will be just as good today. But the scary thing is that nowadays nothing seems to be a guarantee to have success. This became painfully clear when I heard that one of the world's top creative agencies FarFar decided to close down.

And another thing: de Fietsenfabriek (translated the bicycle factory) is declared bankrupt. Entire Amsterdam is full of bicycles and bicycle baskets from this trendy and innovative bicycle factory. If you see a bike with their logo about 100 times a day, it's hard to believe that this company has over 1 million Euro of debts. It seems very unlikely that you can actually have influence over your own success. Being talented, working hard, being good in business, earning a lot of money is no guarantee for the future anymore. Is life one big lottery where you can decide the stakes?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin, is dit een aankondiging dat je failliet bent?


Die crisis!

10:30 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Haha, nee hoor. Integendeel. Maar het is een aankondiging dat iedereen op elk moment failliet kan worden ;-)

11:44 am  

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