Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shortlist Cannes

The TV commercial starring Patrick the extra

This week the Cannes advertising festival started. Duval Guillaume sent in four of my works for the award show. After four days there wasn't any entry that became shortlisted, so all hope was settled on the film category. My best work, the Telenet TV commercial Extra, was sent in for that. But Film is also the most difficult category.

So yesterday, when I looked through the list of nominees, I was very happy to see that it was nominated. This is my second shortlist in Cannes ever, which indicates already how difficult this festival is. Even the donor ad didn't get a nomination. A lot of thanks to my hungarian art-director Marton Jedlicska, with whom I made the concept. And a lot of thanks to Peter Ampe and Katrien Bottez for helping us executing the commercial up to perfection.

I'm already happy with the nomination, but on Sunday I will hear if I actually won a Cannes Lion. You can see the shortlists and winners on the website of the Cannes Festival.


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