Friday, June 11, 2010

Go South Africa!

The animation movie I've made with director Robert-Jan Vos

About four months ago, before I even knew I would come back to Holland, I had a drink with director Robert-Jan Vos in Amsterdam. While we were drinking a beer at a corner of a pub at a canal, he was talking about an idea for an animation project and he needed a copywriter to help him putting the idea on paper.

As soon as I read his first draft, it was clear why he needed a copywriter. The script was full of spelling mistakes and had the coherency of a ball of wool. In the little spare time I had, I wrote several scripts on which he had some comments again. For a while the scripts went back and forth between Belgium and Holland until we made the final script.

After that Robert-Jan found an animator who liked the script and wanted to invest time in the project: Renske Mijnheer. Together they started to produce the movie. Because it is all made in stop-motion, it was very time consuming. And it took about a month to complete the film. Because at that time I was already working at Lemz, I could only help them in the evening with the project. So sometimes after work I was also cutting out little pieces of cardboard and paper.

Above you can see the final movie. It's a movie about the world cup soccer, about racism and about South-Africa. Subjects that are usually quite heavy, but which now come together in a lighthearted, animated fairy-tale.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

super tof ...

11:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ja gèinig, maar Zuid-Afrika is the rainbow nation, niet the black&white nation. Jullie hadden wat langer moeten knippen met meer kleurtjes...


5:49 pm  

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