Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is not the actual lion, but a picture of it

I finally did it. After years of hoping, sweating, swearing and brainstorming I finally won a Cannes Lion. It's a bronze one, but I never judge an award by its colour. This is by far the highest award I've won in my whole career.

Again thanks to Marton Jedlicska, who already won a lot of student awards but who is now one of the few Miami Ad School students who already has a Cannes Lion. A lot of thanks to Niklas Frings-Rupps for proposing this brilliant student for an internship to be my art-director. Also, a lot of thanks to Patrick the extra who proves that being yourself can make you a brilliant actor. And I can't thank Peter and Katrien enough for their inspiring coaching and for polishing our pearl of an idea until it shines.

And congratulations to my former colleagues Eva and Catheline, who also won their first Cannes Lion with this awesome TV commercial for Telenet. It was only a matter of time before these two smart girls would break through. As soon as the lion statue arrives in Brussels, I will go there to make a picture.


Blogger said...

Cheers :)

7:11 pm  
Anonymous ralf said...


11:31 am  
Blogger JerGold said...

congrats !!!

2:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yayyyyy! well done :) emilia

11:58 am  
Anonymous 5tarvin said...

beetje matig .... jammer

12:57 pm  
Anonymous Pierre said...

That s a very good news... Congratulations, man!

3:22 pm  
Anonymous Mattijs said...

Congrats Robin!

12:58 am  

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