Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garbage strike

Pile of trash at the Prinsengracht

From the beginning of this month, the trashmen in Amsterdam are on a strike. Now where have I seen that before? Oh yes, in my first quarter in Hamburg there were also trashbags all over the city because the cleaning employees wanted more salary. So anyone who visits Amsterdam will see that huge piles of trashbags will block the nice view. The pile in front of my house is so big that I can simply throw my garbage over the balcony. How convenient. You have to see the bright side of this stinking mess.

At Lemz the business is still slow. Compared to Duval Guillaume, where they shoot briefings at you like bullets in a machine gun, working here feels like a vacation. This is nice for a change, but I'd welcome a bit more working pressure. But I was never the type to sit still. In the evening I'm working on a pro bono animation project together with director Robbert-Jan Vos. It's a project I do just for fun. When it's not busy, I keep myself busy.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

lijkt je slaapkamer wel

11:39 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Lijkt je hele huis wel voordat Eef er kwam wonen :-D

6:05 pm  

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