Monday, May 03, 2010

From Young Dogs to young lions

Young Dogs waiting for the result of the 24 hour pitch

Pale-faced, exhausted young creatives sitting in a big room after having worked day and night. I immediately got a Miami Ad School flashback. But these were all Dutch people who put their sleep to the test in a tough 24 hour pitch. It was organised by the Young Dogs, an organisation that helps young creatives to make their first steps on the career ladder.

I was once a boardmember of the Young Dogs. Yesterday I went to the pitch to take a look and to meet the new Young Dogs. I was glad to see the club is still in hands of a nice and enthusiastic group of people. When I came in today, the room was grey from the cigarettes smoked by the nervous participants who waited for the result. I knew 5 of the 24 competing teams, so there was a pretty good chance that someone I knew would win.

And I'm happy to say that my colleagues Floor and Annelied won the first prize. As a result, they are going to represent Holland in the young creatives competition in Cannes. Next month they'll go to the south of France to compete for a prestigious Cannes Lion.


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