Sunday, April 18, 2010

Remains of my life in Antwerp

Since I'm working at Lemz (from the first of April) I haven't worked one entire week yet. That's because my first week lasted only 2 days, it was easter in the second week and this week there was a concert of Grace Jones in Antwerp on Thursday evening. For this I already bought a ticket when I was still living in Belgium and when I still thought I would continue to live there. Luckily it didn't mess up my planning and everything goes really well with my first assignments. Who says working parttime in advertising isn't possible?

Of course I'm very curious to see what the creative outcome is if I work fulltime. So finally this week I'm working five whole days, wow. Besides, I can't help feeling a little guilty for not being in the agency whenever people need me around. I guess that's the workaholic in me talking.

But I did have a great time in Antwerp. The concert of the legendary Grace Jones was a must-see. The soul diva hasn't changed a bit since the eighties. She looked as if she put herself in a time capsule and beamed herself to 2010. I spent the rest the weekend with my girlfriend, hopping from one bar to another in the centre of Antwerp.

Today, before I took a train back to the Netherlands, I removed the last little things from my old apartment in Antwerp. Afterwards I cleaned it. I took a last peek out of the windows, seeing the splendid view over the historical buildings in Antwerp. Memories came back of when I first arrived in the apartment, of all the friends that came over for a drink, of the one night stands with unknown girls until I spend the night with the girl whom I'm still in a relationship with. It made me sad to realize that I will probably never see my home in Antwerp again.


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