Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm used to changes. In the Miami Ad School you're trained to give up the place where you live, buy a ticket, pack your bags and go somewhere you've never been before. It's all for the best and it gives you more chances to learn something.

But the change I'm going through is somehow more difficult than others. I've already found a new apartment at my next destination and today I called my landlord to tell him I want to leave my apartment in Antwerp. An apartment where I've lived with so much joy for the last few years. In a beatiful city where I've met new friends and where I even met my girlfriend. It suddenly struck me... I'm going to leave.

Why would you leave a place that you love so much? Why would anyone leave his old comfortable life and choose to go on and travel like a gypsy. I think I can do it because I know I can still cope with these changes. I don't possess a lot of stuff, I don't have children who want to stay with their friends in the same school and I'm looking forward to a new milestone in my career. Oh... and of course there's the excitement of living in a city where I've never lived before.

People who can't stand changes often look at what has been good in their life, instead of looking at what could be even better.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

leaving something you love is hard ..but moving more towards your home is positive for us ...hehe

8:21 pm  

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