Wednesday, March 10, 2010

180 degrees

Have you ever been in the situation that you have to make a life changing decision? A decision that causes a 180 degree turn? Whatever new road you're going into, before the decision you're picturing your new life in your head. You see where you're going to live. In which part of the world. How your new job will be. It's like a trailer for the film about the rest of your life.

If you're not afraid of change and you just go wherever the best job opportunity is, you're bound to get these 180-degree scenarios. So it's no surprise that these last few months it happened a lot to me. I pictured myself in Brussels, in Leuven, in Hamburg, in Amsterdam and sometimes back in Antwerp again where I would continue my own comfortable life in my nice apartment. These last few weeks it was even crazier. The one day I saw one future in front of me and the next I saw a different one. There were so many mental U-turns, that it made me dizzy.

But finally the fog disappears. My future situation seems more clear now. Last week I got a phonecall from an agency that wants to hire me and I told them: "yes". I can't tell anything until I've signed but I'm going to do that very soon. What I can tell is that my life is going to change and this will probably be the my most interesting career move ever. Until then, my days in Antwerp are filled with nothing to do. Finally a real vacation.


Blogger derekb said...

Ik ben benieuwd Robin, succes en have fun!

12:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..sounds like 180° amsterdam..

2:58 pm  
Anonymous 5tarvin said...

nothing to do .....
i will come over next weekend
prepare yourself for fun laughter and trouble ...with a slighty touch of a hangover

5:27 pm  

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