Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last day at Duval Guillaume

I gave back my trainticket, my doorpass and my laptop. After that I organized a goodbye drink in the entrance hall of Duval Guillaume Brussels. It's over, finished, I'm out of there. I started there as an intern when I did the Miami Ad School. When I was in my last quarter, Peter and Katrien asked me to work for them and I didn't hestitate for too long. Somehow I had the feeling that this agency would push my portfolio even further.

And my feeling proved to be right. It was a tough job to improve a portfolio that you worked on for two years with total creative freedom. But at Duval I managed to make creative work on real briefings and at least half of my Miami Ad School book is replaced by work from Duval Guillaume. All the new work got me a total of 11 awards (9 of them together with Yigit) and numerous nominations. For the first time in 8 years, I could step on an award stage again. This was the comeback that I always dreamt of.

But the time has come to move on. To learn further. To enter unknown terrain. I can't wait to work for new agencies and new clients. I thought to have some time off and to go back to Holland for a week. But on Monday I'm already booked for a freelance job at LDV United, an agency in Antwerp. Who needs vacation anyway?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodbye can be the hardest thing to say at times. It is good to read that your two years of hard work there paid off and that you are motivated enough not to be complacent enough just to settle for what you have.

I, personally, would have taken TWO weeks off--take a breather, meet people, do things, try to get inspired by a film or spending time elsewhere. I commend you though for always being up and always working. Advertising never sleeps.

7:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I´m following your blog for almost 2 years know. Please keep it up!

PS: Any chance to see your folio or stuff you´ve done at Duval?

12:53 am  
Anonymous 5tarvin said...

go work in a pub ... love your chatting ... well love you ... there i said it ... hihi

11:21 pm  

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