Friday, February 05, 2010

Creative meeting

Art director clubs, creative clubs, union of professional clowns; whatever you call them, there's a club for creatives in every country. They all do good work by pushing the creatives to make even more outstanding work with organizing an award show, exhibitions and publishing a yearbook. Because no matter how you put it, award shows work an motivate a country to be even more creative.

Yesterday I went to the annual meeting of the Creative Club Belgium, the CCB. Not because I really like meetings where almost everybody talks about financial issues in French, but because I was curious to see what's going on in a creative organization abroad. I used to be a member of the Art Directors Club Netherlands and it's always interesting to see because these clubs are like the oil for the creative engine in a country.

Not a lot of people seem to share my opinion about this because almost nobody turned up. That's not very surprising because in Holland nobody turns up at the ADCN either. The only time when there were a lot of people at the annual meeting was when they held it in a club, with free beer. The small room in Brussels was predominantly filled with creative directors. But I think the amount of CCB-members must exceed 20, so where was the rest? And where were the junior creatives? This is their chance to meet the biggest creative directors in person.

I have to admit that going to a financial meeting wasn't exactly a trip to the fun fair, but at least I was there. Oh, and downstairs there was a nice and crowded party with -yes, the cliché is true- fries and Belgian beer. And it was for free. That sure made up for sitting on a chair looking at financial statements for an hour ;-).


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