Monday, February 01, 2010

2 years

Without realizing it, I've broken my record of the longest time I'm in a fulltime job. At McCann-Erickson I worked 2 years. And in the midst of January I already passed that. I once read that 2 years is actually the average time a creative works at an agency. 

I can imagine why. Agencies are changing so fast that every year is different. It's what makes advertising a very exciting, but also a uncertain place to work. Moreover, it pays off to switch jobs, both financially and status-wise. I started as an intern at Duval Guillaume because I did the Miami Ad School at that time. And no matter how many times you tell that you have 5 years of experience when you worked in Holland, people rarely see you as a full senior. 

Soon I will go to another agency. At the moment things are a bit uncertain (it's not even sure if I'll stay in Belgium) but I'm looking forward to make a fresh start again.


Anonymous starvin said...

we are gettin old my good friend

11:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm sorry to bother you in your own created space, but i " accidentally" founded your blog.

I was lucking for former students at MAS Hamburg, and voilá.

I've tried to get some answers about MAS hamburg, but i didn't found them, yet.

I would like to ear some some experiences in the first person, for a former student.

If you could contact-me, i'll be very thankful.

Just the best,
João Carvalho

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8:26 pm  
Anonymous Anthony G. said...

After searching for current Miami Ad School students and alumni, I ran across your blog. I skimmed through some posts, but read from your beginning entry with your success in obtaining a scholarship for MAS to interning at Saatchi & Saatchi NY and where you are currently working.

You are quiet an inspiration not only because you are an example of hard work paying off, but you are an example of dreaming big, because with action, they can come true.

I am currently 25-years-old with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. I have been wanting to study Art Direction and was really interested in MAS, but some have told me to not increase my debt and to simply strive for agency experiences. With the way the economy is currently though, I feel that I could benefit from the education. What truly draws me to MAS is the Greenhousing and Internship possibilities amongst countless other things.

I have currently been at the same company for three years now and I am thankful to have survived many job cuts and be able to still get paid for doing what I enjoy. However, I feel that I am capable of more and that better opportunities await me out there whether in the Graphic Design or Advertising field. Therefore, I cannot blame you for wanting to look for better offers and opportunities after two years with the same company.

I have been considering checking out Portfolio Night this year to try and get a better feel for the work, the people in the field, and things of that sort. We'll see what happens. Best wishes to you, Robin.

- Anthony

7:35 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hey Anthony,

Really good to hear that you're inspired by my blog. During the crisis it's actually the best time to start with MAS. By the time you're graduated the crisis is probably over and then you can build a good portfolio until the next crisis strikes ;-).

And yes it's a lot of money. And therefore there are always people who tell you why you shouldn't do it. It's socially more acceptable to borrow that amount of money buy a big car. I'm glad that I chose something that truly enriched my life instead.

12:32 pm  

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