Sunday, January 03, 2010

Week in Holland and back again

A great view on the canals of Amsterdam

My cousin Bart and I at a Christmas party

Spending some time with your friends and family makes you realize the true meaning of Christmas: eating together and drinking too much alcohol. This means going to a family party, going to the pub, and ending up at an afterparty at somebody's apartment. Only when the owner of the apartment was so drunk that he fell over a table, dragging along cd's and records in his fall, my girlfriend and I realized it was time to go home.

The cold weather and the snow outside made it very convenient to stay in the warm bed. I understand bears really well for sleeping through the winter. Yes, I've been lazy as hell this vacation, but that's what vacation is for. The only thing that was a little bit related to work was meeting director Robbert-Jan Vos in Amsterdam. But there's not a lot of pressure in drinking beer and talking about avertising. After Alkmaar I went back to Antwerp to celebrate the new year.

Despite sometimes enjoying a glass too many, I've had a good rest. And my new year's resolution is to make something totally awesome before I leave Duval Guillaume. And to party a bit less... No, just kidding.


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