Sunday, January 10, 2010

TV Commercial Extra

My latest TV commercial

Funny, how the entire year you can struggle, almost nothing is made for your portfolio and right at the very end of the year you make something that makes the entire year a good one again. Welcome to advertising!

I almost didn't get the briefing for this TV commercial. But persistence and a big amount of bluff poker ("We can do this. We can really do this!") paid off. And above you can see the result: the latest TV commercial for Telenet digital TV.

As soon as the idea was sold, Marton and I wanted to do things differently. We insisted that there shouldn't be an actor playing the role of the extra. It's a commercial about extras, so why not let a real extra talk about his work? This was very hard to get through internally because there's a big risk involved with hiring somebody who's not an actor. Every second on the set costs money and trying to make a non-professional act could be a costly experiment. But a shooting for Dexia earlier this year proved that sometimes the best actors are the ones who play themselves.

In the end we convinced everybody to give it a go. We did write a script, but we tried out the script with two people: one actor and one actual extra. Although the actor was very good, nothing could beat the excellent performance of Patrick playing himself. And it was pretty clear already that he was going to be the one that appears on television.

The guy who says hello to Patrick is a famous Belgian actor called Roel Vanderstukke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's cool! i like.
happy new year and good luck with the interviews!
emilia x

6:43 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw it on tv and liked the idea from the first time. Didn't know it was yours. Good stuff!

8:46 am  

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