Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the meantime on the job market...

The difficult thing when you're writing about your life, is that you can never really write about anything that's on your mind. Especially when you have a blog and when the blog is not anonymous. For that reason, I never talk about relationships, negative events that have to do with my family or getting arrested by the police (don't worry mom, I made that last one up ;-). My adventures on the job market is a delicate subject as well. Whatever you write can influence the course of events. On the other hand, my hands are itching to write about it.

So I'll just stick with the information that most people already know. These last few weeks have been difficult for me. My mood went from hopeful anticipation to disappointment to feeling like a million bucks and back again. This week was a good week. I went to an agency in Brussels for the third time to talk about the necessary details. But nothing is sure yet. In the meantime I got a few really interesting briefings at Duval Guillaume, so I'm staying there for a bit longer than planned.

My general feeling about finding a job as a creative is: it's difficult. Hope defying, patience testing, self-esteem eating difficult. The crisis still has a firm grip on advertising. As a result, agencies can't hire new people yet, job openings suddenly disappear or agencies take ages to hire somebody. My heart goes out to all those creatives who are looking for a job right now. To anybody who's about to give up hope: please read my very first post to see that if you really believe in yourself and you're willing to make a 180 degree turn in your life, there's always a way out.


Anonymous May said...

thank you robin for the encouragement. i am a fellow MAS/MASE grad and have been following your blog for awhile. i am also again looking for a job and went back to reread your first post. it reminded me to remember what I want really badly. best of luck with your next chapter after duval guillaume!
- from a fellow job hunter

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