Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brussels - Hamburg - Berlin

Bear statues at the main station of Berin

What was originally meant as a fun vacation, ended up as being a fun and useful (not to mention necessary) vacation. Last week I had several appointments at agencies during the day, in both Hamburg and Berlin. And during the night I was seduced by the bright lights of the many bars and clubs that make Hamburg a city that rocks.

I can't say that this trip made my decision easier. In fact, the interesting talks at the several agencies and the fact that Hamburg is my favorite city of them all, makes the dilemma bigger than ever. One thing's for sure: I'm going to speak either more French or more German in my next job.

Highlights of the week: seeing my good friends Salvatore and Andres again, going to the Miami Ad School, meeting headmaster Niklas and my former teammate Hannah again, buying a new woolen hat at the St. Pauli fanstore, going for a small drink with former schoolmate Kanak and ending up totally wasted. And last but not least: seeing my former teacher Dennis Lueck playing drums in a punk band.


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