Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Agency hopping

I'm not the jobhopping type. Actually, I'm very dedicated as soon as I start to work for an agency. But sometimes you have to draw your conclusions... So recently I'm hopping from one appointment to the other, while dragging my portfolio with me.

I remember the first times I went to agencies to get an intership, about 10 years ago. I had a huge portfolio under my arm. Countless times I went from Alkmaar to Amsterdam by train and then by bus. On the way to the agency I looked whether the scribbles I made are still straight in the plastic sleeves. Every trip I was hopeful: will this be the agency where I can do an internship? By the time I found the right address I was shivering from the cold. With a mixture of admiration and relief I entered the doors of the agency. I also remember how big the disappointment was when they didn't give me the internship. Or worse, when the creative director didn't have time and his secretary came to say sorry and to make a new appointment. And I made the new appointment. Without complaining. Because every chance is another one.

This week I've had a few appointments. I put my portfolio in a small DJ-bag. By train I went to places I've never been, stations I've never seen. Some trainstations were so small and dark that it makes a bus platform look big. It almost made me want to hold up my arm to signal the driver of the train to stop. On the road there I felt a bit like that young, aspiring creative again. Hurried, hopeful, cold. The only difference is that there are no more confused frowns from creative directors when they look at my work. No more well meant advice on my book to compensate for the fact that they don't want to offer me a job. Just compliments every time a page is turned.

To all young dogs out there: it's a long road... But the porfolio is getting lighter and the people are getting nicer.


Blogger Tom said...

What a nice post.
It gives me hope.
I'm at the 'plastic sleeve' stage!

11:09 pm  

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