Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'Easy' clients

Another week of concepting. The presentation for the client last week went surprisingly well. Which doesn't mean anything will be made, is my experience ;-) One of my commenters wondered why a client like that is going to Duval Guillaume. It's a good question.

The thing is: at every creative agency there are always clients that doesn't belong there. Even at Saatchi New York there were clients for whom everybody abandons all hope. Moreover, these uncreative, annoying clients are usually good for half of the profit. Giving up on making creative work for those clients is not an option for me. Because the fact is, for one of these 'difficult clients' two of our best creatives made a radiocommercial that won a Cannes Lion last year.

The prejudice about super creative agencies is that there are only easy clients who want award winning work. But the award winning work is just a tip of the iceberg. In my opinion, the difference between clients in an agency like DGB and an agency like McCann-Ericksson (which, when I started there was known as the worst agency of Holland) is minimal. The only difference is that the employees at Duval Guillaume are better. Most of them -whether they work creation, account or planning- are fanatics who live for their job. In an environment like this, you must make the best work possible for every assignment (or at least try).


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