Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Killing deadlines

Okay, last week I wanted to make an easy start, but that didn't quite work out. It's no secret anymore that the crisis also hit my my agency and that a lot of people have left. Now there seems to be too much work that has to be made by too few people and deadlines are getting tighter and tighter. And not only the creatives, but the entire staff is affected by the rising workload.

So every day when I left the agency at a reasonable time, there was always somebody who called me for some last-minute assignment. And because every assignment is another chance to make something good, I accept the challenge and start to think of ideas in the train and at home. This evening I started scribbling in my sketchbook while I was drying my laundry in the laundromat.

It's a bit like keeping your balance on a rope and I'm getting more and more luggage every time. I'm still standing, but I'm afraid that at any moment something can go wrong. Maybe sometimes it's better to take things a little bit less seriously, like in this educational video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you're just getting older, aren't you? ;)

2:59 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Haha, well everybody gets older ;-)

10:28 pm  

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