Thursday, October 08, 2009

Finish in time

It's hard to judge an art-director by his first few days, but until now it's been really good to work with Marton. He works hard and he has a good no-nonsense mentality. The way things are going now, it would be a lot of bad luck if we don't produce any good work this quarter.

After my vacation I've decided to take it a little bit easier with working in the evening. It is no use to work yourself to death because people simply cannot be creative 24/7. It's impossible. If you're lucky you have a total of three really bright, creative hours a day. The rest of the time is spent photoshopping, reviewing, waiting for people to show up at the review, trying to think, looking for inspiration on the internet and banging your head against the wall because a deadline is near and you don't have anything.

I believe that working hard is paying off in the end, but my strategy is to work hard within the office hours. Although our deadlines doesn't make it easy for us to leave before seven. Today I'm still in the office until late, but that's because for some strange reason I don't have internet at home anymore. Trying to solve it means that I have to plough trough the 'callcentre-puzzle'. If you type in the right options, you can speak to an actual human. I'm afraid it will take a while before I have internet again. Internet providers don't have deadlines.


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