Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Working for some clients is doomed from the start. I mean, any reasonable client hires a creative agency to actually make creative work. But after being in an agency for a while you start to notice which clients are not so reasonable.

This week Marton and I have worked on a doomed-from-the-start-client. "Well, every brief is another chance", the optimists would say. I agree on that, but in two years this particular client has killed all the ideas that are smarter than using a stock picture of a happy family and a headline with a special offer. Let's face it...not a chance.

How do Marton and I deal with such a client? Stubborn as we are, we force ourselves to make only good, creative work for them. So tomorrow 6 foamboards with perfectly comped, low-budget, but creative ambient ideas go to the client. We believe we can make outstanding work for this client. But we don't believe we can ever produce such work for them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why that client chose an ad agency such as duval then? if i can say something, i suggest that you should give up. don't waste your time. work as fast as you can for them and give the best of your creativity to whom deserves that.

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